Introduction to Recreational Sports

For the training of leisure sports professional service personnel to enhance the quality of social leisure service purposes, the Department of the characteristics of the following:

  1. Part of the department

    1. Development of practical education in outdoor teaching

      Leisure activities of a wide range of activities, which outdoor form of activities occupy a very large part of the Department to enable students to fully understand the characteristics of outdoor activities and different properties, in particular the development of outdoor teaching mechanism, the auditorium, sports, gym, Audio-visual room all the teaching restrictions, in the natural environment completely broken, study courses also extended to the sea, sky and mountains, forests. So that students in the learning process to overcome their own restrictions, insight into the style and principles of personal work, break their own restrictions, the full development of physical and mental skills training.

    2. Salary of apprenticeship education

      With the change of leisure professional and develop students to deal with different situations, pay attention to professional skills to develop into the enterprise in vitro, design education mode of education, so that students play in the school of apprenticeship as the basis of practice training, so that Students have had enough experience before work.

    3. Educational goals set by group leaders

      In order to cultivate outstanding leisure professional leading cadres and managers, in the curriculum design to stimulate students' desire to lead and responsibility, so that students can play the greatest potential of members, learning their own activities in the project how to become a good leader.

    4. A wide range of educational programs

      The department is always aware of the status quo in the environment, due to the development of industry, information and science and technology society, the increase in leisure time and the promotion of health awareness, to promote physical education by the simple movement, skills, teaching, extended to the diversity of leisure education Characteristics, in the curriculum planning in response to the needs of the social environment and leisure in different environments in the characteristics of the curriculum can focus on learning the overall level of leisure and personal leisure needs of the guidance, of course, to deepen the theory of leisure, entertainment Research, create new activities, etc., to meet the needs of the real world.

    5. Provide assistance in education and social educati

      For those who have the expertise and lack of theoretical basis for the practitioners, to provide training and access to academic qualifications of the opportunity to enhance their service quality and confidence, so that people through the combination of knowledge and technology to achieve the correct leisure and healthy leisure skills , And at the same time focus on promoting leisure activities for the purpose of social activities, to give the concept and the real education to help.


In order to cultivate talents, the first leisure sports department of the country was set up. After the eighty-one year, the school was divided into three groups. Leisure activities group planning courses and teaching content to become the Department of five sports sports section of the formal curriculum of the embryonic form

The eighty-two school year , the school five departments by the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of leisure sports division, was officially recruited a class of students.

The eighty-four school year, in line with the planning of the three-school reform school, applied for the establishment of four-year leisure sports department.

In the eighty-five school year, the four-year leisure sports department was formally established and the students' ; Eighty-nine years to set up leisure sports management research institute;

In the first year of the 90 school year, the first session of the Institute will be enrolled in a group of 20 students. The detailed chronologies are in Table 1 and are subject to the changes in social needs and educational objectives.

The total number of students in the ninetieth year is shown in Figure 1, with a total of 282 universities and 48 research institutes. The full-time teachers are shown in Figure 2, with 12 professors, 6 associate professors, 1 assistant professor, lecturer 4 people. The overall development is fast and steady.

Time for major matters Enrollment situation

time Major issues Enrollment
80/08~81/07 Planning for the establishment of recreational sports  
81/08 Five Sports Division set up leisure sports group Grouped students
82/02 Establishment of the Ministry of Leisure Sports Junior college students
84/08 Apply for the establishment of leisure sports department Five ministries reserved
85/08 Set up leisure sports department Leisure Department of a total of 60 people
87/ 08 Department of Leisure Sports Stop strokes
88/08~89/07 Set up leisure sports management research institute  
89/08~90/5 Apply for a research institute  
90/08 Establishment of Leisure Sports Management Institute Admissions a total of 20 people

development Goals

The system is based on the establishment of the purpose and direction of development, specifically to develop future development plan objectives, and divided into four parts, in order for the immediate target, short-range goals, medium-range goals and long-range goals, etc. are as follows:

  1. Immediate target

    1. Establish a complete system of evaluation.
    2. Combine the social pulse, revise the leisure professional courses, additional leisure sightseeing course.
    3. To establish a mechanism for cooperation between industry and academia, to increase student practice channels and practical ability and experience.
    4. Strengthen the students professional skills, enhance social competition.
    5. To strengthen student employment transduction, expand student career career pipeline.
    6. Expand the teaching venues and equipment to enhance the quality of teaching.
  2. Short-range target

    1. Development Department of the characteristics of the training of outstanding leisure industry talent.
    2. Combine community and local development, enhance people's leisure life quality.
    3. Strengthen the mechanism of production and teaching cooperation to enhance students' practical work experience and increase employment channels.
    4. counseling students to obtain leisure-related professional license, increase student employment opportunities.
    5. To improve the academic research atmosphere, to enhance the academic and academic research standards.
  3. Medium target

    1. To establish international academic exchange channels, to provide teachers and students international exchange opportunities, the establishment of students macro vision.
    2. Positive and foreign leisure related to the conclusion of the sister line, to increase teachers and students international learning opportunities.
    3. Towards the standards set by the NRPA Leisure Departments to seek to join NRPA Asia's only recognized leisure relationship.
    4. Actively participate in the activities of the International Leisure Organization, to enhance the Department of the visibility.
    5. Graduates employment up to 100%.
  4. Long distance target

    1. Become the only recognized leisure relationship in NRPA Asia, leaping to the international arena.
    2. Assist in the completion of leisure sports take root education.
    3. Establishment of a permanent development fund.